Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snake Year!

Daddy's little girl <3
Happy CNY, peeps! Gong Xi Fat Choi! Finally i got more money, i'm saving my money for Singapore! It's gonna be my first time gone abroad without my parent's money. Well not all, i'll never spent my money for shopping in there, because i'm gonna spend a lot. So still using my parent's.
We went to my grandma's house as usual, me and my cousins played 'Pet War' which was made by Indonesian people! It's great to see Indonesian's skill. It's more likely like MTG (Magic The Gathering, i can't played it though, i just saw the boys played) but it is more easy and more fun!
This is the game
So while we were playing, the olders told us to eat. What is the other good thing except monely in CNY? FOOODDDD!!! :D I was starving. It was hot in there so i really need energy to play, my auntie made those food. And some of it my mom bought it from Duck King. My auntie's food is really delicous. So i kinda ate a lot. Which made my weight gain about 1,5kg. Damn!!
Twin steam Chicken.

CNY Feast!

Pecking duck <3
Here's my outfit for today. The dresscode is Red, because it's chinese new year. Too bad my nails isn't red too. Because i had a party yesterday and it's blue theme. Feel free to give any comments because i'm still new and i want to know about your opinion. Keep in touch xoxo B

Sisters for life!

Red dress from my mom's old closet. Red heels from  New Look.
I looked pretty slim in here. ;)

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