Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Satnite Party

Voila! Hippi braided headband style.
Saturday night for a single girl like me? Hell it's time for party! Luckly one of my girls had a birthday party (actually it was dinner) held at Trimurti, Mercure Hotel Surabaya. i don't like the food, i mean it looks like delicious idk why i just didn't eat much there. But the desserts are delicious, i love the cheese cake and the pudding <3
Chocolate pudding with strawberry on top <3

This time i got to be one of her polonaise and the dresscode is long dress with headband. At first i thought the headband was supposed to be like hippie headband, but turns out that my other friends wore it like common headband. So i was the only girl with a hippie hairstyle :(
Turns out it was easy to made hippie headband, for me i don't need to watch the tutorial because you just have to pick out some strain of hair from your left or right side, and then braid it, then pull it all over your forehead.
Elvina's sweet looked like my last sweet in senior high. Oh noooo i want more party T.T
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This rose made from watermelon. OMG!
Friends for life!


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