Monday, February 4, 2013


CNY is near! I gotta prepare for my outfit, can't find red color :( I've gone shopping with my sister and friends but i still can't find the good outfit. And i think that i'm gonna try some make up that day. So now i'm studying because i'm totally blind about make up. It's okay to lost some money, because money will come to mama again hihihi.
Last night i went to Food Festival. It's like a foodcourt but it's so big and full of food. It's not for durian season though (i want it so much ><) Me and baby Ines found a cute dog. So we called our friends to took us a pict with her. Her name is Fang-fang. The first time I saw her i was totally could die because it's so fluffy OMG! When i saw her i remember Aslan from Narnia. It totally looked like it. Because it got very fluffy fury, so soft and big. I want a dog like that, i don't know the family though. So i can't describe what kind of dog is that. But here's a pict.
So us girls took a pict with her, but at the last minute he wanted to strolling around in the food festival. Ciao Fang-fang!
Me and the lion <3
Baby Mina

Ines cuddling her. So cutee ><
 Okay, after the photo session, we looked a restaurant to ate, and i chose the healthy one, i'm on diet too, ^^ I chose Salmon Salad at Sushi Tei. Eventhough the price is expensive but it's worth it-lah.
Salmon Salad
C u on my next event xoxo B

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