Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jeans' Campaign

Damn finally the photoshoot picts are on my hand. It took 2 weeks which is a very long time for us :( So the theme is inspired by 'Gee' SNSD's song, where they wore colorfull jeans with white top. Turns out we were like models for jeans campaign *lol*
Haha! we were like Red-A Models or GADIS Sampul models

So it was early in the morning probably 6am i woke up and prepared the make up. This wasn't like my previous photoshoot where they do the make up. But it was me who done it. I'm not very good with make up though because i still can't made my eyes looked like the same! The left one always bigger than the other. T.T please gave me some tips about make up *thank you.*
Gold eyeshadow - Testimo, Kanebo. 3 pallete brown eyeshadow - Oriflame.

Actually i wore lipgloss from body and shop too, but the color already torn of, but the color is good. Well, As you can see the jeans are very various. It was an interesting theme and it turns out great :D If you want to see more of the pict here goes. c u xoxo B
Jeans Campaign!
Heart shape 

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