Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Satnite Party

Voila! Hippi braided headband style.
Saturday night for a single girl like me? Hell it's time for party! Luckly one of my girls had a birthday party (actually it was dinner) held at Trimurti, Mercure Hotel Surabaya. i don't like the food, i mean it looks like delicious idk why i just didn't eat much there. But the desserts are delicious, i love the cheese cake and the pudding <3
Chocolate pudding with strawberry on top <3

This time i got to be one of her polonaise and the dresscode is long dress with headband. At first i thought the headband was supposed to be like hippie headband, but turns out that my other friends wore it like common headband. So i was the only girl with a hippie hairstyle :(
Turns out it was easy to made hippie headband, for me i don't need to watch the tutorial because you just have to pick out some strain of hair from your left or right side, and then braid it, then pull it all over your forehead.
Elvina's sweet looked like my last sweet in senior high. Oh noooo i want more party T.T
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This rose made from watermelon. OMG!
Friends for life!

Jeans' Campaign

Damn finally the photoshoot picts are on my hand. It took 2 weeks which is a very long time for us :( So the theme is inspired by 'Gee' SNSD's song, where they wore colorfull jeans with white top. Turns out we were like models for jeans campaign *lol*
Haha! we were like Red-A Models or GADIS Sampul models

So it was early in the morning probably 6am i woke up and prepared the make up. This wasn't like my previous photoshoot where they do the make up. But it was me who done it. I'm not very good with make up though because i still can't made my eyes looked like the same! The left one always bigger than the other. T.T please gave me some tips about make up *thank you.*
Gold eyeshadow - Testimo, Kanebo. 3 pallete brown eyeshadow - Oriflame.

Actually i wore lipgloss from body and shop too, but the color already torn of, but the color is good. Well, As you can see the jeans are very various. It was an interesting theme and it turns out great :D If you want to see more of the pict here goes. c u xoxo B
Jeans Campaign!
Heart shape 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snake Year!

Daddy's little girl <3
Happy CNY, peeps! Gong Xi Fat Choi! Finally i got more money, i'm saving my money for Singapore! It's gonna be my first time gone abroad without my parent's money. Well not all, i'll never spent my money for shopping in there, because i'm gonna spend a lot. So still using my parent's.
We went to my grandma's house as usual, me and my cousins played 'Pet War' which was made by Indonesian people! It's great to see Indonesian's skill. It's more likely like MTG (Magic The Gathering, i can't played it though, i just saw the boys played) but it is more easy and more fun!
This is the game
So while we were playing, the olders told us to eat. What is the other good thing except monely in CNY? FOOODDDD!!! :D I was starving. It was hot in there so i really need energy to play, my auntie made those food. And some of it my mom bought it from Duck King. My auntie's food is really delicous. So i kinda ate a lot. Which made my weight gain about 1,5kg. Damn!!
Twin steam Chicken.

Monday, February 4, 2013


CNY is near! I gotta prepare for my outfit, can't find red color :( I've gone shopping with my sister and friends but i still can't find the good outfit. And i think that i'm gonna try some make up that day. So now i'm studying because i'm totally blind about make up. It's okay to lost some money, because money will come to mama again hihihi.
Last night i went to Food Festival. It's like a foodcourt but it's so big and full of food. It's not for durian season though (i want it so much ><) Me and baby Ines found a cute dog. So we called our friends to took us a pict with her. Her name is Fang-fang. The first time I saw her i was totally could die because it's so fluffy OMG! When i saw her i remember Aslan from Narnia. It totally looked like it. Because it got very fluffy fury, so soft and big. I want a dog like that, i don't know the family though. So i can't describe what kind of dog is that. But here's a pict.
So us girls took a pict with her, but at the last minute he wanted to strolling around in the food festival. Ciao Fang-fang!
Me and the lion <3
Baby Mina

Ines cuddling her. So cutee ><
 Okay, after the photo session, we looked a restaurant to ate, and i chose the healthy one, i'm on diet too, ^^ I chose Salmon Salad at Sushi Tei. Eventhough the price is expensive but it's worth it-lah.
Salmon Salad
C u on my next event xoxo B