Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Girl's Day Out

Howdy friends. I know it's been a long time. I just don't know what to say hihihi. We girls went out to TP (Tunjungan Plaza) one of our famous mall in here. As usual we just hang out and chit-chat, gossip. Girls is always the best. We had our own uniqueness. Everytime we went out, we always chose a dresscode and now we chose High-Class-Society. But my outfit is not really a high-class-style. It's just i wore top with layer so it looks like there are coat that i just put with me. Firstly, we ate. It was a confusion where we should eat. Me and Ines usually ate at Chubo-chubo because it's not very crowded and it's cheap, also delicious. But if Fani come, we usually ate at Imperial Lamian. It is more expensive but it's not as Jade Imperial. So it's worth it-la. But we were bored by that restaurants. So we chose another good place Hachi-hachi. For me the taste in there is so-so. I prefer Sushi Tei though, but because Sushi Tei is more expensive so yea we chose the cheaper.
After that we just hang out and finally to our final stop : Starbucks! Yea! My favourite place. The interior is good, the smell of the coffee <3 Too bad the other couldn't come. C u guys later. xoxoB
Leopard pants from H&M. I love leopard

WE took pict with polaroid <3 Caramel Machiato-Signature Chocolate

Her face looks weird in here. Ines the bad one hihihih

Flowery girl aka Fani