Friday, November 16, 2012


Hello, my friends and i, we just did our photoshoot just for memories but it was fun and the results are turned out great. I love the dress, i love the background and the theme and also our pose. When photoshoot i was so nervous because my make up is ridiculous. OMG it made me older than my age. "It's gonna be ugly" that's what i thought. Then my friends and i came to the photostudio and they said that my make up is alright, maybe need a little touch ups.
After the photoshoot i was so tired, i mean we standing on heels for like 4 hours. FOUR. My feet hurts and my stomach is crying for food. But then after the results is done, i was very happy. Because it turned out really great. FYI, our theme is red and black. So we wore red dress and black.
We're acting like korean's girlsband lol.

I love the theme and the lighting

This is my favourite though. Because i'm on the second right, and showing off my backless dress. <3

 Okay, that's just it from today. i'll keep you posted. c u soon, xoxo

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