Friday, November 16, 2012


Hello, my friends and i, we just did our photoshoot just for memories but it was fun and the results are turned out great. I love the dress, i love the background and the theme and also our pose. When photoshoot i was so nervous because my make up is ridiculous. OMG it made me older than my age. "It's gonna be ugly" that's what i thought. Then my friends and i came to the photostudio and they said that my make up is alright, maybe need a little touch ups.
After the photoshoot i was so tired, i mean we standing on heels for like 4 hours. FOUR. My feet hurts and my stomach is crying for food. But then after the results is done, i was very happy. Because it turned out really great. FYI, our theme is red and black. So we wore red dress and black.
We're acting like korean's girlsband lol.

I love the theme and the lighting

This is my favourite though. Because i'm on the second right, and showing off my backless dress. <3

 Okay, that's just it from today. i'll keep you posted. c u soon, xoxo

First Blog!!

Isn't she gorgeous?
Bonjour world! This is my first time i made a blog <3 so excited. I was inspired by Olivia Palermo.

Do i need to introduce my self? i'm sorry but i still kind of blurry about this whole blogging thing hahaha. Well my name is Benita, i'm an asian, born and live in Indonesia. Yes that beautiful country with beautiful cultures and cities. Hope you guys read my blog and keep suporting me. C u on my next posts. xoxo B